Book Fairs

Listing of each fair with details of booking, main persons, stall rentals etc. it would be divided into three levels for befit of user.

National- Giving Information on all book fairs






We have great power of education and strength of knowledge through our tales, stories, literature in all the languages. But we are promoting only English language books, we are not even looking into translation rights, multilingual publishing, co-publishing or export of our regional cultural based publishing. Whole world is there lets join hands to create at least one Master Blaster of the Book trade.

Helping Forum

  This section is to promote reading habits the needy ones who cannot effort to buy books plus for the donors who want to donate in memory of their beloved ones. We would build donation clubs. Highlight the efforts of members who are doing charities plus mention about who needs them.

Authors Forum

New and budding authors can leave the message about their new research and books for publication. Who know there could be some more Vikram Seth and ARUNDHATI Roy's in hiding? We would try to get them publishers and they can try their luck for national level from the local levels. Might be a folk tales storywriter of Shillong get a better deal from a publisher in Kerala.

Government Agencies Role

Government Agencies  Role of govt agencies like NBT-book promotion programmes, ISBN, Capexil, RRLF, State Commissions and submissions etc. Here we would try to integrate the information for everybody. National Book Trust

RRRLF  is an central autonomous organisation established and fully financed by the Department of Culture, Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Government of India.  RRRLF is registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. It is the nodal agency of the Government of India to support public library services and system and promote public library movement in the country

Book Trade News

Information on Book piracy

Information on Tenders

Re print of any book news in any print media


All members would post information in this section

Share Obituaries of Members

Uploading picture of diseased member, information and comments section to post obituaries, messages from members

Plus we can have some permanent pages for members who made immense contribution in the field of book trade to give motivation for new generation

Book Release Section

Uploading picture of new book with about the author, about the book, date and time of release; pictures of release function. Live meeting link if any for members to join on line release function of authors interview. Comments section for members; order section; orders will go to the person who is releasing new book.


Book trade associations section

There are more than 35 Book Trade Associations working at the local, state and national levels but most of us are not the members of them. Information is not circulated among us. Name and address of all associations working at National, State or local city level with pictures and address of executive members so that all book trade members could approach them in case if any need arise.

They would be given link to upload their meeting information; upload pictures of meeting and publish any trade news for all.

Defaulters Section

where members can post information about  their pending payments with particular party; if many complaints come for same party then members can take caution in supplying further stocks to it.

If one complaint comes from one party then he would be given one red star if two then two star if defaulter reaches to 5 red star category then other trade members can personally inform him about his achievement and stop supplies to that party.

In this Corona time its not possible to approach all parties for small/big payments and personally all write to them and even write on whatsapp groups but we forget next day.

But here once the name come then others will start sharing their pending payment parties list and it would not be removed until members wish to. If problem is resolved then stars would be changed to green.

Website has no legal identity or power to generate any payment or to defame anybody; all information would be posted directly by members after logging in by their codes and they have to take responsibility of sharing information like posting name of defaulter, posting picture of statement, posting legal notice copy, posting letters of demand etc.