About Us


INDIAN BOOK INDUSTRY(IBI)wa s started in the year 1999 by the group of people who were in this field from last many years. They felt the need of computerization and revolutionizing the book industry by bringing e-commerce solution to even small regional language publisher and bookseller of book trade. www.indianbookindustry.com was booked in year 2000 and since then we are gathering information of all book trade members.

In 2001 we started with the database of 1500 members and 80000 books but due to lack of internet awareness and limited access to network it was not possible to continue, hence the project was shifted to bringing out Database of all book trade members in the form of Directories “Directory of Indian Book Industry” which was quite popular among members.

Four editions were published after the gap of three years in between. Meanwhile many international bends came in the field of e-commerce and they are quite big and popular.

We also made software for the trade in the year 2001 to make publishers' and booksellers' day to day work very easy and fast known as ibi-bookeepers. This easy window based software takes care of your • STOCKS • BILLING/APPROVALS • CREDIT NOTES • DEBIT NOTES • ROYALTY • PARTY LIST • MAILING LIST -Party, city wise • SALES REPORT - Daily Weekly, Monthly/By Book Wise, Party Name • APPROVAL REPORT- Details of Party. Dates Due • STOCK REPORT Total • BOOK WISE ROYALTY REPORT - Author Wise, Book Wise • PAYMENT REPORT (Received & given) • STATEMENTS-Daily, Monthly, Yearly.

Again this was discontinued due to poor response from trade members people were not ready for this kind of work in 2001-02. Then we brought out the CD-ROM of databases for mailing purposes which was instant hit till 2007-08. Then we focused on many directories in the field of Educational Institutions with our sister concern Reliance Publishing House, New Delhi. Our Directories were very popular among book trade and institutions world over. 

        Why Now 

After the gap of many years we are now again starting our portal www.indianbookindustry.com with the purpose to unite Indian Book Trade as it has grown many folds. We will share database for mutual benefits; share book trade news; share obituaries of members; will have many other features as Book Release Section; Defaulters section where members can post information about  their pending payments with particular party; if many complaints come for same party then members can take caution in supplying further stocks to it. Book trade associations section; information and activities. Government Agencies  Role of govt agencies

In 2nd stage we will generate information on authors who want to publish their research work, fiction or poetry through members. Here we hope to receive database of 1000’s new unpublished books information which will mutually benefit author and publisher; a platform to unite them.

In 3rd stage publishers and booksellers can start Book Release through digital platform; show casing new books; releasing online video links and zoom release of books. Internal platform to trade books among members at special rates/ discounts.